Forget an era of change, this may even be a change of era.


Educators across the spectrum from primary teachers to university lecturers are rethinking every aspect of their working situations and adapting to a new paradigm, often without official guidance.

Greater knowledge sharing between institutions and colleagues is essential at times of change. Disruption can often trigger more creativity and a letting go of past processes, replaced by better, more efficient systems and (remote) connectivity.

At Vyanta, we are here to help, listen, support, advise, and invest.


Education Connector

Teachers that choose Vyanta have the ability to unlock the best of all platforms. Through our Cisco WebEx partnership, we have access to the Education Connector which integrates cloud-based collaboration solutions with your learning management system, and blocks threats to your classroom with secure Cisco Umbrella technology and multi-factor authentication. We can also work within your Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Classroom systems to build a classroom that uniquely works for you.


Our goal is to help you build a remote learning platform that encourages student participation, reduces teacher burnout, and empowers the whole classroom. With Vyanta, you can:

  • Utilize all of your devices. Since not every student has the same access, we can help you host webinars, share presentations and recordings, whiteboard, and schedule office hours across all devices and platforms.

  • Allow your students to collaborate and learn from each other. Split up your class into equal size groups, mixing abilities as much as possible. The students can name their own group, or you can do it for them. Easily add or remove students without losing any information or progress, and keep an eye on groups as an administrator.

  • Create a welcome message and post it in each space. You can post an assignment, an encouraging message, or useful information for your students to access.

  • Record lessons for students to watch again later and hammer home the lessons of the day.

  • And more.


Our team has a blend of skills and expertise to provide critical guidance and recommendations that allow organisations to position their offer and then connect and collaborate in new, impactful ways utilising affordable, best in class technology.

Whether its improved networks, enhanced collaboration, conference management, best in class tools, our agile portfolio proposition can deliver bespoke solutions to your needs.

Preparedness for a less predictable future matters, now more than ever.

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